Holiday Decor, Gifts & Recipes Top 10: Number 5

Holiday Blog Top 10

For the last 5 years I’ve done a 12 Days Series during the holidays.  It’s been filled with everything from decor to gifts to activities to recipes.  Things are changing a bit at Jen’s Blossoms (exciting changes), so this year I am sharing my Top 10 Holiday Decor, Gifts & Recipes from the past 5 years.  Stay tuned for a new look back every day from now through December 25th and for the exciting changes ahead!

Glass Gem Snowman Ornament

Yes, I am obsessed with snowmen!  I admit, I may have a problem.  But seriously, how cute is this little ornament?!?!  It is so easy to make which is why it comes in at number 5 in our Top 10 Countdown!

Glass Snowman Ornament

Get all the details on how to make this in the original post!

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