Cork Angel & Wine Box: Day 12

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Cork Angel & Wine Box

It is Day 12 and we are wrapping things up with a cute DIY ornament
and decorated wine box.

Cork Angel & Wine Box

The Supplies

Cork Angel & Wine Box Supplies

For the Angel
champagne or sparkling wine cork, small plastic ornament (I used glittered ornaments)
silver wire, satin ribbon, twist tie or pipe cleaner, hot glue gun & glue sticks

For the Wine Box
kraft colored wine box (I found mine at Target)
satin ribbon, metallic paint (mine are Martha Stewart), sponge daubers, a sharpie,
“cheers” printed to fit one side of the box, newspaper & a ball point pen

The Steps

Cork Angel

Cork Angel Steps 1

  • Remove the silver top from the plastic ornament and cut the “stem” off the ornament so it is completely round
  • Hot glue the ornament to the top of the champagne/sparkling wine cork.
  • Cut a length of silver decorative wire and twist the two ends together leaving a circle at the end.  Bend the wire into a halo.
  • Hot glue the halo to the cork and ornament.

Cork Angel Steps 2

  • Cut a length of satin ribbon about 6-8 inches long
  • Loop each end of the ribbon to the center.
  • Pinch the ribbon together and use a twisty it to secure the ribbon into a bow.  Trim the ends of the twisty.
  • Hot glue the bow to the back of the angel where the halo meets the cork
  • I attached a sheer ribbon to the halo (not shown above)

Cork Angel

Wine Box

Wine Box Steps

  • I decided to update the cord holding the top of the box in place so I removed it from the box and cut satin ribbon to the length needed.  We will use the ribbon in the last step.
  • The top of my box has polka dots.  I knew that the metallic paint would most likely not cover up the dots but they work with my design so I wasn’t too worried.  I painted a sheer coat of metallic paint over the top of the box to bring a little shimmer.
  • Using the method from our Dotted Kraft Table Runner on Day 4 I traced “cheers” on to the box and filled it in with a sharpie.
  • After finishing the wording I added metallic dots just like we did on Day 4 with our Dotted Kraft Runner.
  • The last step is to thread the ribbon back through the lid, add a bottle of wine or bubbly, attach the angel, and gift it!

Cork Angel & Wine Box Finished

I am loving this box and that it matches the design of our Dotted Kraft Table Runner.  I’d love to see your projects if you make one or both!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our series this year.  Day 12 from our first year sharing remains a favorite and is our traditional Christmas morning breakfast!
White Chocolate Cranberry Orange Scones

Wishing you much joy, happiness & laughter this holiday season!

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