Dotted Kraft Table Runner: Day 4

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Dotted Kraft Table Runner

I am using a vintage solid oak executive desk as my dining room table.  A few years back I refinished the desk and now it is a deep rich color.  It is too pretty to cover up with a tablecloth so I decided to make a runner.  Yes, it will likely only last through 1 party or dinner but it is so festive.  Polka dots in mixed metals and scripted words describing the season…add a few cut greens, candles, and pine cones and the table is complete.

Dotted Kraft Table Runner

The Supplies

Dotted Kraft Table Runner Supplies

Pictured Above: sharpies, various metallic colored paints (I used Martha Stewart), and round sponge paint daubers.
Not Pictured Above: roll of kraft paper (I used one that is 24 inches wide), scissors, newspaper, festive words printed to desired size, ball point pen.

The Steps

Dotted Kraft Table Runner Steps 1

  • Cut kraft paper to size.  My table is 5 feet long.  I cut a length of 8 feet to give an over hang on each side of about 1.5 feet.
  • Gently fold paper in half, length wise, being careful to not crease the paper.
  • Holding the paper loosely, make a diagonal cut beginning at the open end and angling up towards the fold.  This gives a fishtail finish to the end of the runner.

Dotted Kraft Table Runner Steps 2

  • Layer the newspaper (1-2 layers thick) on top of the kraft paper and then layer the festive printed words on top of the newspaper.
  • Using a ballpoint pen (yes the top photo shows a pencil…I tried that first and it didn’t work so I switched to pen) firmly trace the outline of the festive words.  The ink from the newspaper will transfer to the kraft paper.
  • I outlined and then colored in the newspaper outlines with black sharpie.

Here is what the runner looks like with the festive words finished!

Dotted Kraft Table Runner Words

  • To finish it off, use the metallic paint and round sponge daubers to create dots.  I focused my dots on the ends of the runner as well as along the outside edges leaving the center free of dots.  Some of my dots overlapped.  If you choose to do this make sure to allow the paint to dry between colors.

Dotted Kraft Table Runner Dots

A Few Tips

  • If you are not working on a crafting table or other table you are not worried about ruining, be sure to use paper under the runner when tracing and coloring with sharpies.  I reused the newspaper from tracing and slipped it under the kraft paper when coloring.
  • The dots are a great way to get kids involved in helping with this project!!!

I looked back at Day 4 of the first year I did this series and found this post on dressing up your outdoor pots for the holidays.  Yes, I still do this and am actually planning on dressing up my front porch planters today!

Happy Holidays!

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