Joy Marquee Lights: Day 9

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If you’ve read any of my post from earlier years you will find that a favorite word around my house, especially at the holidays, is joy.  Ornaments with the word hang all around the house and some end up staying put year round.

Marquee lights are a huge trend now so I thought, why not make a “Joy” marquee!

Joy Marquee by Jen's Blossoms

The marquee is sitting on our Gilded Holiday Tray from day 7 and our cute
Santa? Glass Figurine from day 5 is the perfect accent!

Here’s what you need:

Joy Marquee Supplies

Letters, small strand of lights (I used white lights with a white cord), white paint, iridescent glitter paint, a pencil, paintbrush, and cutting blade.

What to do:

  1. Begin by removing the back of the letters.
  2. Measure and poke holes in the letters using a pencil.
  3. Paint the letters.  I used 2 coats plus a coat of glitter.
  4. Push the lights through the holes.
  5. Plug in and enjoy!

Joy Marquee Steps

Happy Holidays!

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