Gilded Holiday Tray: Day 7

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My mom & I seem to collect trays.  We use them for everything, serving, displaying decor, playing games, and so much more.  I thought, why not created a few just for the holidays!  These gilded holidays trays are perfect for serving a light snack while decking the halls or for displaying candles & decor on the coffee table!

Gilded Holiday Tray by Jen's Blossoms

Here’s what you need:

Gilded Holiday Tray Supplies

Wood trays, scrapbook paper, Rub ‘n Buff (I used antique gold), a pour-on high gloss finish, spray adhesive (not pictured).

What to do:

  1. Cut down scrapbook paper to fit inside the tray.  I had to piece 2 pieces together to make it fit.
  2. In a well ventilated area rub on the Rub ‘n Buff with your finger or a cloth then with a clean dry cloth buff it.  The buffing will give a nice smooth shiny finish.Step 1 Gilded Holiday TrayAll prepped for paper
  3. When done buffing adhere scrapbook paper to tray using spray adhesive.
  4. Mix high gloss finish according to package directions and pour onto the flat paper covered surface of the tray.  Make sure the gloss covers all the paper part of the tray.  This finish will protect the paper and make cleaning the tray easy!  Allow to dry according to package directions.

Gilded Holiday Tray by Jen's Blossoms

Happy Holidays!

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