Fresh Bay Leaf Wreath: Day 6

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My current greenery obsession this season is fresh bay leaves.  For some reason I am absolutely loving them and knew I needed to make a wreath for my front door!

Fresh Bay Leaf Wreath by Jen's Blossoms

Here’s what you need:

Fresh Bay Leaf Wreath Supplies

Fresh bay leaves, heavy gauge wire (I used black to disappear into my front door), wire bind, satin ribbon, and flocked magnolia blossoms.

What to do:

  1. Measure a the length of wire to create the base of the wreath.  I created an oval shape about 20″ by 14″ for this wreath.
  2. Cut down the bay leaves to shorter sections measuring 6-15 inches in length and begin to secure them with wire bind to the wreath form.
  3. Once I covered the form with my desired amount of greenery I finished the wreath with a champagne colored satin ribbon and a pair of flocked magnolia blossoms.

Bay Wreath Steps


These fabulous flocked magnolia blossoms are available for purchase in our online Holiday Shop!

Flocked Magnolia Blossoms


Happy Holidays!

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