Painted Paper Lantern: 3 Days of Halloween Crafting

When I decorate for Halloween I always try to do a little something on the back deck.  Chances are no one will even go out there but the curtains are open and the café lights are on to add a festive touch to the evening.  In the past, I placed a carved pumpkin on the table or lit lanterns around the perimeter.  This year I saw these cool orange and black glittered paper lanterns and knew I could create somethings similar with items I already had on hand!  They would most likely only last a night so I didn’t want to spend a fortune.

The Supplies:
I raided my paper lantern stash for an orange lantern and grabbed black spray paint from the paint shelf along with some blue painters tape.  A little Martha Stewart glitter paint and a foam brush completes the list!

Painted Paper Lantern Supplies

How To:
I used blue painters tape to tape off stripes around the lantern.  I didn’t press it down too hard as I didn’t want the lantern to tear when removing the tape, this resulted in the lines being a little fuzzy which I actually don’t mind.  After spraying the lantern black and letting it dry I carefully removed the tape.  Next I brushed on the Martha Stewart glitter paint (I used Obsidian).  I like that it made the black part of the lantern a bit shiny!

Painted Paper Lantern Steps

Here it is hung up and ready to party!

Painted Paper Lantern and Lights

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