Etched Spiderweb Cylinder: 3 Days of Halloween Crafting

I have wanted to try the Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream for a while now and decided a spiderweb cylinder would be perfect!

Etched Spiderweb Cylinder


The Supplies:
Glass cylinder, Martha Stewart etching cream & brush, and a vinyl spiderweb.

Etched Spiderweb Cylinder Supplies

How To:
Following the instructions on the bottle of etching cream I prepped my cylinder by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol and washing it with soap and water.  I then positioned the spiderweb on the cylinder and painted on the etching cream.

Etched Spiderweb Cylinder Painted


Once the cylinder is completely painted wait 15 minutes (or more) and then wash the etching cream off the cylinder.  Remove the vinyl and insert a candle!

Etched Spiderweb Cylinder with Candle


Did you see yesterday’s post, Halloween Plates?

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