Halloween Plates: 3 Days of Halloween Crafting

Hello!  I’m back from a bit of a blogging break.  This past wedding season was incredible and I am so ready to share with you all the goodness we created!  I’m kicking it off this weekend with a short series on Halloween Crafts.

My neighborhood is huge for Trick-or-Treating and it seems that every year it gets bigger and bigger.  I invite family & friends to my home to have a chili dinner and roam the neighborhood.  Rain or not it is always fun!

This year I kept seeing super cool glass plates with black printed seasonal designs on them.  Skull, bats, jack-o-lanterns and more.  I wanted to pick a few up but thought hmm… maybe I could make them.  Voila!  Using glass plates already in my cupboard and vinyl I purchased at the local craft store I present Halloween plates!

Halloween Glass Plates

The Supplies:
Glass plates, vinyl clings or vinyl to cut your own, transfer paper/tape, and transfer tool.

Halloween Plate Supplies

How To:
I used my silhouette cutting machine to cut my vinyl clings but I know that there are places you can purchase pre-cut clings.  Using transfer paper/tape and a transfer tool (this could even be a popsicle stick or credit card) transfer vinyl to the bottom of the glass plate.

Halloween Plate How To

I am loving how they turned out and want to experiment with more intricate designs!  These plates are a perfect addition to my party decor!

Halloween Plate Bats Halloween Plate Skull





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