Mod Podge Snowflake Cylinders: Day 12

12 Days of Gifts Decor & RecipesEvery year one of the 12 Days posts is dedicated to an activity that I do with my nieces and nephew.  Last year we went on an amazing scavenger hunt and created a video for their parents.  This year we are making Mod Podge snowflake cylinders.  The nephew is still a little small to join in so we will craft without him this year.

The Supplies:
Snowflake Cylinder SuppliesMod Podge, glass cylinder, foam brush, fine glitter and assortment of tissue paper.
Not pictured: scissors.

The Steps:
Cut small snowflakes out of tissue paper, I used silver and glitter flecked tissue.
Snowflake Cylinders Step 1Tear into smallish pieces another color of tissue paper, I used light blue.
Working in small sections, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the glass cylinder.  Begin to layer the torn pieces of tissue onto the cylinder continuing to coat the cylinder and the top of the tissue paper with a thin layer of Mod Podge as needed.
Once the cylinder is covered with paper carefully Mod Podge the snowflakes onto the cylinder.  Overlapping and being careful not to tear the snowflakes.
Dust with a bit of glitter for shimmer and allow to dry completely.
Snowflake Cylinder Steps 2These cylinders look amazing with a votive or floating candle inside or could even be used as a vase to hold seasonal greens and flowers.
Mod Podge Snowflake CylinderHappy Holiday from Jen’s Blossoms!

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