Taper Candle Centerpiece: Day 11

12 Days of Gifts Decor & RecipesIt is no secret I love candles, we covered that on Day 5. I found some incredible rustic white taper candles with a touch of sparkle and knew I had to create something with them. So, we have an easy centerpiece idea for Day 11!
Taper Candle Centerpiece in Terracotta PotThe Supplies:
Taper Candle Centerpiece SuppliesSmall terra-cotta pot, taper candle, white paint, snow spray, fine glitter and greens.
Not pictured: floral foam, vine wire, glue for glitter, clear sealer and additional greens.

The Steps:
Lay out the greens, dust them with a coat of snow spray and then a sprinkling of glitter.
Taper Candle Centerpiece Step 1While the greens are drying, paint the terra-cotta pot with white paint and allow to dry.
After the white paint is dry (it dries quickly), spray the terra-cotta pot with an adhesive (I like glue for glitter by Design Master) and dust the terra-cotta pot with glitter.
When the glue is dry lightly coat the outside of the pot with a clear sealer.
Taper Candle Centerpiece Step 2Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the pot, soak the foam in water and then wrap the bottom and sides in plastic and insert it into the pot.
Press the taper candle down into the foam (I pressed it in until I hit the bottom).
Insert the greens into the floral foam.
I finished it off with a twist of rustic vine wire.Taper Candle Centerpiece Step 3Whether on the mantle or on the table this is an elegant centerpiece for the holidays.
I think I will make 3 for the center of my table!
Taper Candle CenterpieceBe sure to check out the post from Friday! “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Hot Cocoa Kit!

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