Snowflakes & Snowy Greens: Day 7

12 Days of Gifts Decor & RecipesI wanted to do something a little different with my chandelier this year.  In the past I have hung ball ornaments from it, draped it in crystal garlands and even left it unadorned.  After finding a post on Pinterest about Borax Snowflakes I knew I had to try it!  These snowflakes coupled with snowy cedar branches are perfect for my chandelier.
Cedar and Snowflake ChandelierThe Snowflake Supplies:
Borax Snowflake SuppliesFrom left: mini pom poms*, Borax, white pipe cleaners, string and glass containers.
*I tried making snowballs & icicles with pom poms and wasn’t happy with the outcome.

The Snowflake Steps:
Create snowflakes with the pipe cleaners, cutting them apart and twisting to make the shapes.  Make sure to make it smaller than the container you are using.
Tie a string to the top of the snowflake.
Fill glass container with hot (boiling) water and Borax.  I played around with the measurements and found the more borax added the thicker the snowflake.  I used anywhere between 4 tablespoons to a 1/2  cup.
Submerge snowflake in Borax solution and use a pencil to hold it in place.
Let the snowflake sit overnight in the solution.
Borax Snowflake StepsRemove snowflakes from solution, rinse gently and lay to dry.
Borax SnowflakesSupplies & Steps Snowy Greens:
Supplies (below left):
Greens (I used cedar), snow spray and glitter
Snow GreensSteps (above right):
Gather cut greens (I used cedar) and lay them in a box or on a protected surface.
Mist them gently with snow spray and follow with a dusting of glitter.
I also used a little clear sealer for added protection while handling.

Once all the components are dry the chandelier can be decorated!
Snowflake and Snowy Branch ChandelierI am loving the outcome!

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