Trees that Sparkle: Day 6

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I truly love the beach and am not really a mountains kind of girl, but when it comes to snowy mountain and glistening trees it’s another story.  There is something about the sparkling expanse of freshly fallen snow that takes my breath away.  I created these trees for my mantle but they would be perfect in a tablescape or as decor around the home.
Sparkly Trees

The Supplies:
Sparkly Tree SuppliesFor the taller tree (on left): 14 inch cone, various sticks and branches, snow spray, white paint and fine glitter.  Not pictured: silver spray paint, clear spray sealer.
For the small tree (on right): 10.5 inch cone (shown with a coat of white paint), fine glitter, sponge brush and mod podge.

The Steps:
The Taller Tree:
Cut branches to about 2.5 inches long and paint the cone white.
Starting at the bottom, hot glue the sticks to the cone.
Move upwards as each row is complete.
Tip: at the top add in shorter pieces between the longer ones to fill it out.
Sparkly Stick Tree Steps 1Once the sticks are all glued on, coat the tree with silver spray paint making sure to cover the tops and bottoms of the sticks.  Allow to dry.
Working in sections, dust the tree with snow spray followed by a dusting of fine glitter.
When the tree is dry coat it with a clear sealer, I like Krylon Low Odor Finish.
Tip: white spray paint could also be used as the base coat.
Sparkly Stick Tree Steps 2The Small Tree:
I started by painting my cone with white paint (1-2 coats).
For the base coat of glitter I mixed the fine glitter with mod podge and painted it on.
When the tree is covered with the mod podge mixture I dusted it with more glitter.
Once dry, coat the tree again with the mod podge mixture and dusted it with glitter.
Sparkly Small TreeThese trees look amazing on my mantle!
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