Hand-painted Metallic Votives: Day 5

I absolutely love candles, especially during the holidays!  Here is a simple way to enhance standard glass votive cups.

The Supplies:
From right: glass votive cups, paint brushes, metallic and glitter paint (I am loving the Martha Stewart brand) and rubbing alcohol.

The Steps:
Using a cotton ball or cloth wipe the outside of the votive cups with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  Paint votive cups using metallic paint.  I used tape to create stripes and painted polka dots and stars freehand.  Once the paint is dry paint over the metallic paint with a coordinating glitter paint (i.e. gold paint and gold glitter).  Allow to dry for 24-48 hours.
These are a perfect gift or addition to any holiday table or mantle.
Packaged as a set of 4:
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