Textured Sparkly Letters: Day 4

In my family one of our favorite words is “JOY”!  Every year I buy some sort of “Joy” for my mom (usually it is an ornament) to kick off the holiday season.  This year I decided to make her letters for the mantle.

The Supplies
1 sheet of metallic textured scrapbook paper, wood letters, metallic paint (I am loving the Martha Stewart brand), fine glitter and mod podge (not shown).

The Steps
1. Trace letter on the backside of the metallic textured scrapbook paper.
2. Cut out the letter and compare them to your wood letters, trim as needed.
3. Paint wood letters with metallic paint.  I chose a metallic champagne to match my creamy metallic textured paper.
4.  Attach the paper letters to the wood letters using adhesive (I used mod podge)
5. Coat the edges of the letters with a layer of mod podge and dust with glitter.
6. Coat the top of the letters with mod podge and dust with glitter.

Once the first coat of mod podge and glitter was dry I painted over the letters again with mod podge and dusted them with glitter to give extra sparkle.

The result is shimmering “JOY” for the mantle!  My mom loves it!

Check out yesterdays Popcorn Pail and last years Day 4: Metallic Manzanita Tree.

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