Hand-Stamped Candles: Day 1

It is that time of the year where I will share some fun gift and decor ideas as well as a few recipes to try this holiday season.  Day 1 kicks off with a simple way to transform a
basic pillar candle.
Supplies Needed:
Clockwise from top: wax paper, pillar candles, ink pads (I used copper & black), embossing heat gun, white tissue paper and rubber stamps.

The Steps:
Cut a small piece of white tissue paper and carefully stamp your design on the tissue.
Trim closely around your design to remove excess paper.
Wrap the stamped tissue paper around the candle (design facing up) and then place wax paper on top, completely covering the tissue paper.
Using an embossing heat gun, very carefully heat the wax paper/tissue layer.  The edges of the tissue paper will disappear.  Remove the wax paper from the candle.

*Tip: when removing the wax paper work quickly from one side applying heat to the wax paper as you pull it away from the candle.  By applying heat to the wax paper when removing, the stamped design is left completely on the candle.  If the wax paper is not heated while being removed, some of the design may stay on the wax paper.
The Finished Product:
A great gift or addition to your holiday decor!

Take a look at last years Day 1: Vine Wrapped Candle Holder.

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4 Responses to Hand-Stamped Candles: Day 1

  1. Love it!! So cute and easy!

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