Glittered Spiderwebs

I am always looking for craft ideas to do with  my nieces and nephew when they come over.  This particular project took place during my nephews nap (glitter and an 18 month old do not go well together).  I found the idea on Pinterest and quickly pinned it to my “Halloween” board.  It is one of  the ideas in the Better Homes & Gardens “Boo-tiful Home Ideas” article online.  In the article, the glittered spiderweb was used as table decor, I thought it would be fun to hang them on my front door for a bit of added glam!

I already decked out my entry with curly willow (stuck in flower pots), fake spiderweb and sparkly spiders.  I have more glittered webs drying but here is the start.

The Supplies:

White paper, bold marker, wax paper, white glue and glitter (I prefer fine glitter).

The Steps:

I started by drawing a web on white paper with my marker (this is a great way to help younger kids make the web).  Place a sheet of wax paper over the web drawing and trace the web with white glue.  Tip: make the spokes of the web a bit thicker as support.  Sprinkle with glitter.

My nieces loved mixing the colors like I did above.  Their webs are in the photo below.

Once the webs are completely dry (it may take 1-2 days) carefully pull the web from the wax paper.  Tip: loosen each spoke of the web and continue to move around the web pulling a little up at a time instead of pulling from just one side.

I attached them to my door with a little wire hanging from the top of the door.  adhesive dashes or other removable adhesive would work as well.  I would love to cover the whole door with this glam glitter webs…just a few more to go!

The glittered webs are the perfect finishing touch to my entry display!

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2 Responses to Glittered Spiderwebs

  1. ohthatliz says:

    That is an awesome idea! I must try one of these days with my kiddos!

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