Community Involvement: Harmony’s Experience

I wrote a post back in February about becoming the mentor for one of the local high school seniors for her senior project.  You can read the post here:
Community Involvement…Meet Harmony!
We had 10 weeks together where she assisted us at expos and wedding shows, organized inventory, learned how to make boutonnieres and prep flowers for wedding designing.  I asked her to write about her experience for the blog.  So, without further delay…here are Harmony’s reflections about working with Jen’s Blossoms!

The Lily Girl
Hello!  Many of you may not know who I am so I’ll give you a hint…I’m the girl with the lilies.  Back in February the lovely Jenifer posted a picture of me with my arms full of beautiful calla lilies.  My name is Harmony Casey and I am the calla lilies #1 fan.  I am also a running start student in my senior year of high school.  Most importantly, I’m Jen’s intern.  For the past three months I have had the privilege of learning from Jen and experiencing the wonderland that is the floral industry.  It really has been an
Alice in Wonderland experience.

Three months ago I had no idea what to do with my life in this boring world of economics, politics, responsibility and work.  That’s when I discovered Jen.  Suddenly my mere interest and amateur skill with flowers morphed into a whole new world full of color, excitement, dreams, light and endless possibilities.  I learned that being a floral designer is a job with difficulties as well as intense rewards and joy.  I learned how to strip flowers, how to design and make boutonnieres and how to handle different events.  Most frustratingly, I learned how to use floral tape. 
It was out to get me but I showed it who was who.

While I learned a lot and discovered my dream of owning a flower shop someday, the best part of this experience was the beauty.  The flowers, the colors, the dynamic designs, the environment and most importantly, the people were all beautiful beyond imagination.  Every person I encountered in this industry was welcoming and happy to be where they were.  None of this would have been possible without Jen.  She has been an amazing mentor, friend and teacher.  I am so grateful to have been blessed with such a talented and wonderful mentor.  she has taught me to see the underlying undiscovered beauty in flowers and the world.  Like the lily, the world has an exotic but innocent and elegant yet untamed quality. 

So that’s me.  The girl with the lilies, one step closer to my dream.

Thank you Harmony for your kind words and for bringing a new perspective into our lives for three months.  We at Jen’s Blossoms wish you all the best for the future.  Yours is definitely a bright one!

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