Community Involvement…Meet Harmony!

Back in January one of the high school seniors in our community wanted to know if she could work with me for her senior project (each senior must complete a project to graduate, part of the project is volunteering and gaining hands on experience).  I believe it is important to get involved in the community I live and work in so I was more than happy to work with her.

Meet Harmony!  A mutual friend suggested that Harmony contact me and I am so glad she did.  It has been wonderful getting to know her over these past few weeks.  Harmony’s plan is to get a degree in business and potentially horticulture/botany at a 4 year university and then to hopefully attend an international floral design school.  She is currently attending a community college part-time as part of the local the running start program designed to complete some college credit as a high school student.

One of our first meetings we went to a local wholesaler to pick up flowers for one of my corporate accounts.  Here is a photo of Harmony with some of her favorite flowers…calla lilies.  Orchids are another of her favorites.  This weekend she will get a little hands on experience!  She is going to make the boutonnieres for her group of friends attending the Tolo dance at the high school.  We had a practice session earlier this week where she learned to make the boutonnieres and decided on the design of them.

Look for a blog post from Harmony soon.  She is going to share a bit about her experience working with Jen’s Blossoms!

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