Flower Gifts: Day 11

It’s that time of year again where I will share 12 days of decor ideas, favorite recipes (usually sweet), simple traditions and fun things to do.

Day 11:
Flower Gifts

As I was thinking up ideas for a table centerpiece today as well as an addition to my display in Day 12’s post I thought it would be very fitting of the season to make fresh flower boxes tied with ribbon.  My color scheme: white and bright green.  My flowers of choice: carnations and bells of Ireland.

The Finished Product:

Supplies Needed:
Floral Foam
Scissors, Clippers & Knife
Squares of Plastic

To Make:
Cut the floral foam into squares ( I like to angle the corners so they don’t stick out).  Soak the foam in a bucket of water.  To soak, simply float the foam (do not push it down into the water).  While the foam is soaking cut you flowers.  They will need to have short stems.  When the foam is full of water it is time to insert the flowers.

I began on the sides of the foam boxes and worked my way around until all the sides were covered.  I then inserted the flowers into the top.  From there I begin to wrap it with the ribbon starting on the top.  I flipped the flowers box over and placed a square of plastic against the foam before wrapping the ribbon.  The plastic will not only keep the ribbon dry it will help protect whatever the display sets on.  I flipped the box back over and finished tying my bow.

A simple centerpiece that fits with the season of giving.  To check out Day 11 from last year click here.

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