Gift Tags: Day 9

It’s that time of year again where I will share 12 days of decor ideas, favorite recipes (usually sweet), simple traditions and fun things to do.

Day 9: 
Gift Tags

I have a confession…I love paper.  Not only paper but embellishments as well.  I have never been one to scrapbook but I do love to make cards and gifts when I get a chance.  The only thing is that I can’t seem to part with the small leftover scraps of paper.  I decided to turn some of them into gift tags this year.

The Finished Product:

Supplies Needed:
Decorative Paper
Wire or Ribbon (for attaching)
Paper Cutter
Hole Punch

To Make:
I cut my cardstock down to about 2 inches by 4 inches.  For tag #1 I layered a wood textured paper on top of my cardstock and then topped it with snowflakes I punched out of decorative paper.  I used small adhesive foam squares to pop up the snowflakes and finished it off with a few decorative sparkles and a crinkle wire for attaching.

For tag #2 I cut down metallic copper cardstock to a 2 inch by 4 inch measurement.  Then I banded the cardstock with two different decorative papers.  I cut out a holiday themed definition from a decorative paper and used adhesive foam squares to pop it off the tag.  Green crinkle wire is the finishing touch for this tag.

It is simple to create beautiful gift tags out of left over scraps.  Happy Crafting!

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