Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Day 7

It’s that time of year again where I will share 12 days of decor ideas, favorite recipes (usually sweet), simple traditions and fun things to do.

Day 7: 
Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Today’s post falls into the tradition & fun category.  Every year I do something special with my nieces (I do have a nephew now but he is not old enough to come along yet).  The past few years have been craft type activities but this year I decided to mix it up a bit.  So, in the next week or so I will grab my nieces for a little adventure while my brother and sister-in-law shop, wrap & relax.

The Activity:
This year we are going on a scavenger hunt all over our city!  I am finalizing some plans still but it will include all the landmarks.  At each destination they will be given crazy clues that will require photos, video, singing and most likely a little dancing!  They will solve the clues and tell me where to drive.  There will be holiday snacks and drinks and probably a little shopping for their parents.  I’ve included a list of potential supplies needed as well as the first clue I made for them.

Possible Supplies Needed:
Paper & Pen
Video Camera
Snacks (fruit, shortbread, etc…)
Holiday Drinks (we will visit the local coffee shop)
Coats, Hats, Gloves

The First Clue:

I love this tradition and am looking forward to our adventure.  To check out Day 7 from last year click here!

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