Metallic Manzanita Tree: Day 4

It’s that time of year again where I will share 12 days of decor ideas, favorite recipes (usually sweet), simple traditions and fun things to do.

Day 4:
Metallic Manzanita Tree

The Finished Product:

Supplies Needed:
Manzanita Branch (ours are about 22″ long)
Silver Spray Paint and Glitter Spray (we like Design Master)
Silver Container
Floral Foam or Styrofoam to fit container
Small Ornament

To Make:
Spray manzanita branch with silver spray paint and let dry (do this outside or in a garage).  Once dry lightly spray the branch with silver glitter spray and let that dry.  The glitter adds a slight shimmer but is not super noticeable.  Fit foam into the container then insert the manzanita branch into the foam.  Try not to wiggle it around too much and don’t take it in and out or your foam will break down and you will need a new piece.  Once the branch is in the foam, secure it with a little hot glue and then add silver ornaments to cover the foam.  Secure ornaments with a bit of glue also.  Now it’s time to decorate!

I love the look of the small glittered ornaments on the manzanita tree but any miniature ornament would work great.  The tree would also look amazing in another metallic color…gold, bronze and champagne are some other options.

To check out Day 4 of last year click here.  All the supplies are available at local craft stores, florists or from Jen’s Blossoms (

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