Vine Wrapped Candle Holder: Day 1

It’s that time of year again where I will share 12 days of decor ideas,
favorite recipes (usually sweet), simple traditions and fun things to do.

Day 1
Vine Wrapped Candle Holders

The Finished Product:

Supplies Needed:
Glass Candle Holder (ours measures 4″ high by 3.25″ diameter)
Vine Wrap
Thin Ribbon
Adhesive (hot glue, u-glue, etc.)
Candle (tea light, floating or LED)

To Make:
Cut the vine wrap to fit around the candle holder and secure it with a few spots of hot glue or other adhesive.  Wrap the ribbon around the center of the vine wrap tying a knot or bow to secure it, the knot or bow will be on the opposite side of the adhesive.  Insert your candle and enjoy the simple elegance of this candle holder.

I tried both a tea light and the floating candle.  My favorite…the floating candle.  It just glows and is the candle used in the finished product photo!

To check out Day 1 of last year click here.  If you would like to purchase the supply kit to make this candle holder please contact us at for prices.

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