Aubergine & Metallics: Our Pure Imagination Design

At the end of October we participated in a Luxury Wedding & Event Decor Preview at the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma.  I was so excited to create a design for this event.

The Concept:
Local designers were given a space to design and assigned a unique theme to serve as inspiration.

The Location:
Foss Waterway Seaport
Tacoma, WA

The Themes:
Each theme was essentially two words that perhaps would not normally be paired together or even go together.  There were designs that represented: Cultural Suburbia, Vegas Country Club, Winter Desert, Vintage City, Seaside Forest, Hollywood Gardens, New York Picnic and Shipyard Meadows.

My Theme, My Design:
Our theme was “Shipyard Meadows”.  Yes, shipyard: industrial, cold and gray meets meadow: green grass, rolling hills and fields of flowers.  Our set-up was not like the other designs.  My design was a ceremony set-up located outside on the esplanade where a ceremony would typically take place.  Yes, outside in October in the wonderful Pacific Northwest.  The other designs were set-up inside the building.

Here are the photos Wallflower Photography took of our space.

Mercury glass lanterns wrapped with gold wire hung from the tree we created (above left).  Our guest book was a tree drawn by a local artist (above right).  We are working with this artist to create custom guest books for our clients.  For more information please email us

 Down the aisle (above) was a custom painted aisle runner and groupings of black rock, large river rock, moss, orange lilies, gold mercury glass lanterns, cylinders of grass and copper wrapped cylinders topped with white hydrangea.  We tied silver chivari chairs with aubergine satin chair ties.

A view of the tent with the chandelier we created (left).  The altar (right) had wrought iron columns with curly willow and ruscus that created an arch.  We tucked a moss planter of grasses and lilies into the corner.

A special thank you to AA Party Rentals for supplying us with the clear tent, wrought iron columns, table and chivari chairs and to Trendy Event Rentals for supplying the  aubergine satin linens and silver draping.

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