Roche Harbor Wedding: Adventures with Isabella Part 3

Our day began with a quick trip over to Friday Harbor to pick up Isabella’s mom, Sally. Sally came across with a second round of supplies (the ones we didn’t need immediately and honestly couldn’t fit into the car). After a couple quick errands, we love the Ace Hardware in Friday Harbor, it was back to work. Sally went to work prepping the buffet arrangement containers while Isabella worked on this amazing piece for the stone wall in the reception site.


Today we completed buffet arrangements, staircase bouquets, the stone wall piece and a few other things including water tubing a massive amount of blue hydrangea that we will use to decorate the ceremony site. The buckets of hydrangea are staged on the deck.


The two flower girls will get these cute baskets with blue ribbon handles.


We took a late afternoon/early evening break and headed to the harbor for dinner and a little relaxation. Well, once we escaped the swarm of bees it was relaxing! But, that’s a story for another time.



A little clean up and reviewing of the schedule for the big day tomorrow and it’s time to call it a night!

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