Roche Harbor Wedding: Adventures with Isabella Part 2

Yesterday when I signed off Isabella and I were waiting in line for the ferry to Friday Harbor. On our ride over to the island we saw a magnificent sunset while we planned the unpacking process. As seen in yesterday’s post, our car was packed full.


When we arrived at our destination we immediately began unpacking and processing the flowers. Yes, it was now close to 11:00 PM. We processed bunches of hydrangea, dahlias, roses, sweet peas, tuberose, lily of the valley, garden roses and phalaenopsis orchids. Here is a pic of Isabella unpacking one of two orchid boxes.


This morning we set to work getting the centerpieces done. The main component of the centerpieces are birch bark covered containers filled with hydrangea, dahlias, roses, tuberose and phalaenopsis orchids. This arrangement will be surrounded by three smaller vases wrapped with moss and filled with hydrangea and either roses, dahlias or sweet peas. Here is the start of the centerpieces.


The centerpieces are mostly complete and stored on a protected deck outside. We will add the phalaenopsis orchids to finish them off before the wedding on Sunday. Here is today’s finished work!


The bride and her parents invited us to the welcome party this evening. They hired a dock to tie up in the harbor and had a sunset party. A very cool thing about Roche Harbor: at sunset a canon is fired followed by the lowering of the flag and then the boats in the harbor all sound their horns. A perfect end to the day!


More to come tomorrow!

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