Lily of the Valley: A Royal Bouquet

Much of the world watched today as Catherine Middleton married Prince William of Wales.  The dress was gorgeous, the ceremony had an intimate feeling, there were incredible hats worn and I loved the brides bouquet!

photo credit:  Ian West/Pa Wire/Us Magazine

Though some thought the bouquet was on the small side, I felt it was the perfect complement to her dress and overall look.  It was a wired bouquet of lily of the valley, hyacinth, myrtle, sweet william and ivy designed by Shane Connolly.  According to the Royal Website, the flowers were chosen for their meaning and significance to the Royal Family and the Middletons.  The flower meanings are:
Lily of the Valley: return of happiness
Sweet William: gallantry
Hyacinth: constancy of love
Ivy: fidelity, marriage, wedded love, friendship, affection
Myrtle: emblem of marriage, love.

I loved watching early this morning, sipping a little bubbly and witnessing history in the making.  Congratulations to the Royal Couple!

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