Turquoise with Black & White Damask

The first annual Wedding Walk Tacoma happened this past month and we were so excited to take part.  The walk consisted of 6 fabulous venues in the downtown Tacoma area.  Each venue offered food, signature cocktails and incredible design.  We brought in the floral elements to the gorgeous space  Red Letter Events designed at the Tacoma Art Museum.
The Color Scheme:  Turquoise with black & white damask.
The Flowers:  All white!  Roses, stock, million star, carnations, spider mums, tulips & dusty miller.
Photos below are courtesy of Vivid Images Photography, thanks Kim!

Top: overall set-up, centerpiece 1: chandelier & small arrangements, small trio of stock, roses & million star. Bottom: lounge set-up with tall trio of tulips, stock & roses, hand-tied bouquet of dusty miller.

I took the photos below with my iPhone.

Top: Our table set with bouquets, hand-tied bouquet of white tulips and ti leaves. Bottom: small bubble bowl with a white spider mum on light base, bouquet of white roses & dusty miller, centerpiece 2: wreath of carnations, stock, beargrass & white ostrich feathers.

Overall I focused on creating arrangements consisting of one type of flower.  I think the idea of one flower type per vase or bouquet is a great compliment to the damask pattern and bright turquoise color.
It is always fun to meet brides, grooms and their families.  We had a blast with the other vendors & even danced a bit!

Now...cha cha! (Photo courtesy of Vivid Images Photography)

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