12 Days of Decor & Traditions: Day 11

Christmas Eve dinner is a tradition in my family.  Typically we will get a little dressed up and sit down to a nice dinner.  It is a small moment in the Christmas craziness to take a breath and enjoy each others company.  The food is usually Italian, the lighting is candlelight and the china, my great grandmothers that I inherited.  I set the table a day early to give you a sneak peak at what it will look like tomorrow night.

The Details:
 As I mentioned on Day 7, my brothers beloved log will become the centerpiece.  This year I added some low arrangements of red roses as well as votive candles and small silver and matte silver ornaments.  My napkin rings are small grapevine wreaths that I painted metallic champagne to match the wreath from Day 10.

I am looking forward to this time of celebrating with my family.  Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?  I would love to hear about them!

One final post tomorrow!  A hint…it is a Christmas morning tradition!

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