12 Days of Decor & Tradition: Day 9

I love Christmas wrapping paper, but one of my favorite ways to wrap Christmas gifts (any gifts for that matter) is with kraft wrap.  We use this a lot at Jen’s Blossoms for wrapping bouquets and other items.  You can purchase it at craft and paper stores.  I know that my local paper store (Paper Zone) sells it by the yard as butcher paper.  So, I wrap the gift with kraft wrap and then add lush ribbon and customized ornaments to take it up a notch and create a beautifully wrapped gift.  Here are the steps I use:

First I wrap the box and choose my ribbon.  For this gift I am using a wired iridescent ribbon with a velvet pattern on it.  I wrap the ribbon around the box front to back.  This photo shows the back of the box.  I crossed the ribbon and pulled it tight.

For the next step I flip the box over and cross the ribbon ends under the ribbon already there.

Once crossed under I tie the ribbons together tightly and work on my bow.

When my bow is made I like to cut the ends of the ribbons in a fishtail.  To do this I fold the ribbon and diagonally cut from the edges upwards.

To finish off my package I added a customized ornament that serves as the gift tag as well as a keepsake for the recipient.

Three more days of easy decor ideas and simple traditions to go!  More tomorrow!

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