12 Days of Decor & Tradition: Day 8

For a lot of people baking is a holiday tradition.  Family recipes are used, favorite treats are made and yummy gifts are given to friends and co-workers.  Baking is HUGE for my family.  Just today my sister-in-law texted me a photo of the cookies she had made today with a caption stating,
“let the craziness begin!”  The baking can get a little crazy between her house and mine but I love it.

I am always on the quest for a great cut-out cookie recipe.  My friend baked cookies as favors for her July 2009 wedding and they were amazing.  I asked her for the recipe and just made a batch last week.  They mixed up easily, rolled out perfectly and taste so good.  This recipe will be a staple in my cookbook for many years to come.  Here it is:

I will be using this recipe with a group of girls from the local high school in just a few days, we are having a cookie party.  At Jen’s Blossoms we believe it is important to give back to and to be involved with the local community.  I personally am involved in an organization called Young Life and for one of our December get togethers my junior girls and I are going to make and decorate cookies that they can give to others and take home to their families.  I am super excited for it!

More easy decor ideas and simple traditions tomorrow!

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