12 Days of Decor & Tradition: Day 5

Ever since I can remember my mom has been purchasing Christmas books.    These special books make an appearance only once a year for approximately a month and then are packed away until the next year.  Over the years my brother and I had our favorites but I have to say that I have one “old” favorite and one “new” favorite.

The photo below shows a few of our collected books.  The book on the top of the stack is my “old” favorite.  “Claude the Dog: A Christmas Story”.

In this simple story Claude receives a few presents from his owners/family.  After receiving the gifts, Claudes friend Bummer comes over.  Bummer doesn’t have a family or a home.  Claude ends up giving his presents to Bummer.  When Bummer is concerned that Claude doesn’t have any presents remaining Claude simply states that his best present is his home & family.

The message is simple and I adore this book.  I thought it was no longer available but it can be purchased on Amazon!

My “new” favorite is called “Snowmen At Night”.  It is a fun story about the adventures of what snowmen do at night…snowball fights, sledding, and much more.  This book can be found on Amazon or at a local bookstore!

More easy decor ideas & simple traditions tomorrow!

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