12 Days of Decor & Traditions: Day 4

In the spring and summer the flower pots on my front porch are bursting with color.  The fall brings a more subdued palette and then winter hits….  I could go out and purchase a few winter flowers but instead I like to take some clippings from my Christmas tree to arrange in the pots along with some other items.  Here is a photo of my front entry:

How to:

I removed my fall plants from the flower pots but left the dirt in the pot.  In the large terra cotta pot I inserted the cuttings from my tree straight into the dirt.  I added some red dogwood branches and ilex berries as well, simply inserting them into the dirt.

For the smaller pot I purchased seeded eucalyptus that had been sprayed silver and used the same method of inserting the stems into the dirt. 

Additional items I have used in the past:  branches from my yard that have blown down in the storm, cedar clippings from my trees, painted branches, ornaments, glittered pinecones and ribbon.

More easy decor ideas and simple traditions tomorrow!

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