12 Days of Decor & Tradition: Day 2



I love sparkles!  Especially around the holidays.  One of the things I always do this time of year is glitter pinecones.  I use them in my floral arrangements, on wreaths & garlands and simply to decorate my home.  They are so simple I did them last year with my nieces (at the time they were 3 & 5).

My Supplies:

Design Master Glue for Glitter, any type of glitter (I like the Martha Stewart fine glitter), pinecones and a paper bag.

How To:

Over newspaper spray the pinecones with the Glue for Glitter, drop the pinecones into the paper bag and sprinkle glitter over the pinecones.  Then close the bag and shake it.  This coats the sticky pinecones with the glitter.  That’s all…so simple!

In the photo below I placed some faux snow in the bottom of a cylinder vase and topped it with a few glittered pinecones.  I love them next to this small tree.  The lights make them sparkle.

More easy decor ideas & simple traditions tomorrow!

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