12 Days of Decor & Traditions

Last week I was tweaking a few final holiday decor items and adding a few more items to my calendar & to do list and thought that it would be fun to share some of my easy decorating ideas and simple traditions.  So in keeping with the ever popular “12 days of Christmas” here is day 1!

I am always looking for new ways to display the Christmas cards I receive.  Last year I thought…why not attach a ribbon swag to the empty wall and hang my cards from it!  It was so easy and perfect for the space that I did it again this year.  Here is what mine looks like (as the swag fills in with cards I will decide whether to add an additional swag or just attach the cards to the wall)

How To:  Cut a length of ribbon (I chose green satin) to fit your wall.  I attached it with clear push pins.  Then I tied the red satin ribbon to the push pin and finished with a bow.  Last year I simply stapled the cards to the ribbon but this year I used “Clipiola” paper clips from Cavallini & Co. (I love Cavallini).

The supplies I used (above) and a close up of attaching the cards to the ribbon (below).

More easy decor ideas and simple traditions tomorrow!

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