Engage!10 Day 2: A Look Back

Day 2 of Engage!10: The Breakers (put on by Engaging Concepts and hosted by The Breakers Palm Beach) started bright and early with breakfast in the courtyard.  Then it was straight into the general sessions which blew me away.

Photos Courtesy of DVB Photographers, Allen Zepeda, Mel Barlow and my iphone

Our speakers left to right starting at the top:

Top Row: Paul Leone of The Breakers; Kathryn Arce & Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts, Rebecca shared on the state of the wedding industry; Joan Bever of The Breakers.

Middle Top Row: Mindy Weiss shared with us the good, the bad & the ugly of wedding planning; at lunch, Sylvia Weinstock decorated a cake for us; Cindy Novotny spoke with us about balance and the business of weddings (I got the opportunity to sit and chat with Cindy at lunch). 

Middle Bottom Row: Darcy Miller, editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, led a discussion with Amy Atlas, Donna Newman & Abby Larson ; Todd Fiscus, Tara Guerard & David Beahm shared with us how to make it work, make it your own and they challenged us to think long-term. 

Bottom Row: Marcy Blum’s talk was titled “Musings with Marcy” and she simply told us how it was from her stand point and I loved the candor.  Carley Roney of The Knot led a discussion about selling style with Randy Fenoli (from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress) & Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York.  Our General sessions ended with Bryan Rafanelli (Chelsea Clinton’s wedding planner) talking about the business of events.

The photos below are shots of the many meals of the day! 

Photos Courtesy of DVB Photographers, Allen Zepeda, Mel Barlow and my iphone

 Breakfast, lunch, a citrus break, dinner with the speakers and the dessert party.  Each meal and break was an experience in itself.  Breakfast in the courtyard…mini skillets of scrambled eggs & eggs benedict, yummy fresh juice and oatmeal to name a few items.  There was a yogurt break with yogurt parfaits served in champagne flutes as well as a citrus break where everything was orange…mini cheesecakes, jelly bellies, orange crush sodas & more.  Lunch was served in the Circle Room.  It was a gorgeous boxed lunch complete with individual wedding cakes for dessert.  As I mentioned, Sylvia Weinstock was our lunchtime speaker…she decorated a cake!  At the end of the general sessions we joined the speakers for dinner at various restaurants at The Breakers and in Palm Beach.  I (along with 6 others) had dinner at The Flagler Steakhouse with David Beahm of David Beahm Design.  David got his big start when he designed a little wedding for Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones.  Dinner was incredible and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk with David and the other attendees in a more intimate setting.  We headed back to The Breakers after dinner and attended the evening dessert party on the lawn.  Once again, over the top!  There was a donut station, cake shots, fruit & cheese, hot chocolate & coffee with various add-ins and the list goes on….  The band was fabulous and the photo booth was a hit!

Day 2 was packed full of amazing speakers who shared with us their triumphs, trials and advice.  Unforgettable and so impacting!

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