Flowers In The Media: The Olympics!

I got excited as the Olympic Games kicked off in Vancouver just a week ago. I love the Olympics and this year loved seeing the bold bouquets given to the winners at the medal ceremonies. The bouquets are hand-tied and consist of bright green spider mums, green hypericum berries, lily grass and ti leaves.
As I was catching up on news this past week I took note of a Yahoo Sports article about the Olympic flowers. It is called “There’s quite a story behind the Olympic flowers“. I love that the flowers received attention and were featured on the Yahoo Sports Blog “Fourth Place-Medal”. The designer of the bouquet is June Strandberg owner of Just Beginnings Flowers in Surrey, British Columbia. Margitta Schulz (owner of Margitta’s Flowers in North Vancouver) helped June create the 1800 bouquets ordered for the 2010 Olympics.
Job well done June and Margitta. The bouquets are great!
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One Response to Flowers In The Media: The Olympics!

  1. Jen says:

    Here is a link that give more detail about the bouquets, who is making them, and a bit about why certain flowers were chosen.

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