A look back: Sharing My Passion!

I was just looking through some old portfolio photos when I came across the photos below. They were taken during a session I was teaching on arranging a grocery store bouquet. This particular event was the Friday before Mother’s Day and the local grocery store was running a special on bouquets (something like spend $10 and get a vase free).

I began with the buckets of bouquets (pictured above).

Then, I deconstructed them, separating out my flowers by flower variety and type (filler/focal).

For the arranging portion I made a hand-tied bouquet, cut the stems, and inserted the flowers into the vase (that was free with my purchase of flowers).

In the days following, I was fortunate enough to get feedback from the ladies, several of them had gained confidence through our session and had arranged flowers for their moms for Mother’s Day!

I have been invited to share with other groups as well and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. Through a bit of research, I learned that studies show living with flowers can increase compassion and kindness, chase away anxiety, and boost energy (according to a 2006 New Harvard Study)! For this reason I love to share my knowledge with those around me.

So treat yourself to a bouquet…consider it part of living healthy in this new year!

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