Wedding Trends 2009 Symposium

March 8th was the 2009 Wedding Trends Symposium at Washington Floral Service. The day brought many helpful tips, introduction to some new products, cool design ideas, and yes, snow! Here are photos of a few designs that top designer Loann Burke, AIFD, PFCI showed us.

Loann holding a “cascade bouquet”, the cascade in this bouquet is the beargrass handle.

A trio arrangement (below) with daisies. The colored floral foam cubes look like cut fruit. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple!

A delicate cascading bridal bouquet (below left) complete with bustle flowers (below right). Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2008 also showed bustle flowers although theirs were done with ribbon/fabric flowers.

Loann showing us a presentation bouquet of monstera leaves, burgundy ti leaves, cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, leucadendron, and gold glittered branches.

A close up of the above presentation bouquet.

Finally Loann showed us a tall arrangement with submerged hydrangea, river rocks, and a floating candle topped with an extravagant display of white and green flowers.

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